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Once you create your project, you can define the browsers in which that project supports. Crystal Test is setup in such a way that each project can choose which browsers it supports. If a project is not web-based, simply turn all browsers off. Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, and Chrome are the default supported browsers. A browser must be created in Crystal Test before a test result can be assigned to it.To define or change the supported browsers for a project:
  • Navigate to Admin --> Admin Browsers
  • Make sure the desired project is selected in the Projects drop-down
  • Toggle the on/off switches for each browser to choose your project-supported browsers.

If a browser is turned on, it will appear on the dashboard, test case list, browser selection drop-downs, and be included in metric algorithms. If a browsers is turned off, it will not be visible for selection, nor will it be included in metrics.

Note: Currently, due to the additional web development and coding required to add an additional browser, Crystal Test does not have the ability to add a new browser automatically. However, if there is a browser you currently do not use, you can replace that browser with your new one. Keep in mind, however, that there are several places in code and the database that you will need to update in order to change a browser. Only do this if you are confident in making such changes to the code and database. Aslo, adding or changing a browser does not automatically mean it can be supported by automation.

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