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Personal Default Projects
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The ‘project’ is the highest level in the hierarchy of Crystal Test data. All other components (sprints, releases, groups, and test cases) belong to a project. For this reason, neither a test case nor any other component can belong to more than one project.

A project has two components, a name and an abbreviation. Project Names and Abbreviations are designed to match those in defect management systems for future integration. The Project Abbreviation should match the Key for a given project in defect systems that require it such as Jira. Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server does not require a project key to link directly to a bug, but it does require it to link to a project. For this reason, before entering projects in Crystal Test, it may be good to create a list of projects for your company and the abbreviations/keys used in your defect management system. Most things in Crystal Test reference a project by its abbreviation. The project abbreviation is paired with a unique identification number to give each test case a unique test case ID. (Example: CT-1)

A project must be created in Crystal Test before a test case, result, group, sprint, or release can be assigned to it.

Personal Default Projects

When you filled out the registration form, you were asked to select a default project. By doing so, Crystal Test automatically loads all pages with the data from your default project. It also pre-fills any forms that ask for a project with the default project you selected. This is a personal setting and can be changed in your profile settings.

Create a New Project

Follow these instructions to create a new project:
  • Navigate to Admin --> Admin Projects
  • Review the list of projects to verify the project doesn’t already exist.
  • Click the Create New Project button on the right column.
  • Fill in the Project Name and Project Abbreviation fields on the Create New Project form.
  • Click the Create New Project button.


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