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Create an Environment
Edit an Environment
Delete an Environment


An environment is defined as which testing or live platform/configuration that the test was conducted on. (Examples: Development, QA, Production). Each project can define the name and URL for each environment. It also allows for an admin URL in case the admin section of a site is located at a different domain or subdomain. An environment must be created in Crystal Test before a test result can be assigned to it.

Create a new Environment

Once the project has been created, follow these steps to create a new environment:
  • Navigate to Admin --> Admin Environments
  • Make sure the desired project is selected in the Projects drop-down
  • Click the Edit icon.
  • Fill in the Environment name, base URL, and admin URL (If the admin section of a site resides within the same domain/subdomain as the main website, leave the admin URL blank.)
  • Check the default environment checkbox if this is the environment you wish to be displayed as the default environment in Crystal Test. This means when Crystal Test is first loaded, until a different environment is selected, the automated tests will be executed in this environment and the metrics that are displayed will also be from this environment. If more than one environment is selected as default, Crystal Test will use the first selection.

Admin Environment

Edit an Environment

To edit an existing environment, perform these steps:
  • Navigate to Admin --> Admin Environments
  • Choose the correct project that the environment should belong to in the Project dropdown.
  • Locate the environment you wish to edit and click the icon in the Edit/Delete column.
  • Make the necessary changes and then click the Update button.

Delete an Environment

To delete an environment:
  • Navigate to Admin --> Admin Environments
  • Click the icon next to the environment you wish to delete.
  • Click OK on the confirmation screen to complete the environment deletion.

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